The Nanaimo Boxing Club has been offering quality boxing training on Vancouver Island for over 25 years. Whether you’re simply interested in improving your fitness or becoming a competitive boxer, we have the program and trainers to help you achieve your goal.
img-heavy-bagWhether your goals are to become a competitive fighter or simply to lose weight and get in great shape, The Nanaimo Boxing Club can take you there. We welcome you to drop by and experience our friendly atmosphere, experienced trainers, and motivating environment for yourself. The Nanaimo Boxing Club delivers real results in a fun, non-threatening atmosphere unlike any other gym in Nanaimo.

Boxing is more than just a work-out, it’s a change of lifestyle. The chances are, once you get into your routine you will find the environment at the Nanaimo Boxing Club and the success of other members will encourage you into wanting some of that success yourself. You will be less likely to slip into bad habits like lack of sleep and poor diet. You will want to work harder and to live a healthier life. This combination of training is the best way for the human body to “find” its own natural balance and weight. Once you are in good shape your body weight, muscle tone, metabolism and energy levels will all change to be where they should be.

Boxing = Results! The more you learn, the more confident you become. The better shape you see yourself in the more you will want to improve. Don’t be surprised if you find it addictive!!